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But not just anyone...

Professional Coaches
We interview and qualify each and every one of our coaches to ensure you have the best experience.

Global Community   
ODAZZIT™ coaches come from all over the world, learn from the best that each country has to offer.

Safety First
Be it a lesson face-to-face or using our Virtual Classroom, we strive to promote safety for everyone.

Meet some of our top coaches...

Anywhere and everywhere...

Multi-device Support
Browse all our coaches and get your answers on any desktop browser or mobile device.

ODAZZIT™ Virtual Classroom
A face-to-face lesson may not always be feasible. Make learning your core focus with our Virtual Classroom.

Timely Support
Our support team will assist you with any questions or difficulties you may face using ODAZZIT™.

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So how do you get started?

Start by Asking
Ask a question on the wall or browse through all our coaches for the perfect fit.

Start a Conversation
'Test-drive' your coach by engaging in conversation before booking a lesson.

Make a Booking
You can either book a full lesson or simply have some questions answered.

Become a Coach
Everyone has skills to impart. Become a coach to share your knowledge with the world.

Common Questions

How are the Coaches verified?
ODAZZIT's Coaches/Mentors undergo a series of stringent background checks and interviews before they are onboarded. This includes verifying the identity of our Coaches, professional attitude, communication skills, and the level of competency of their skills. ODAZZIT aims to provide top-notch quality Coaches in our quest of knowledge and cultural preservation, to provide our Users with the best learning experience possible.

How are the lessons conducted?
The lessons will be conducted either via live online video chat or in-person.  You may request to have the session conducted via our integrated online video chat in cases where proximity or travelling is an issue.  We recommend booking live virtual classes until the situation of Covid-19 has been contained in your region.  Just click on “virtual session” during your booking session.

How do I book and confirm a lesson?
Once you have submitted your queries through the date/time request within the chat interface, your coach will be able to accept or reschedule your paid booking via the chat function for booking confirmation.

How do I make payment?
You will be able to make payment via the platform using credit cards/debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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