September 6, 2020
Do what you love: Explore, Monetize, Coach

Every professional – doctors, dentists, or accountants have their fair share of hobbies. Whichever 9 to 5 role you take on, you might not find adequate time to fulfill them. Now, you can not only practice your hobbies but also benefit from them! With Odazzit, you can finally monetize what you’re passionate about by coaching other people. All in your own terms and of course, with remuneration. We believe in making your work count.

What is Odazzit?

Odazzit is a website that enables professionals from all walks of life to explore their hobbies in the best way possible. Rather than just doing them yourself and not benefiting from them in any way, you will have the chance to coach other people. It’s not teaching, but coaching since you will be paid for it; You can now cook and bake while passing on these skills to someone else, all while being rewarded. The benefit of exploring your hobbies with Odazzit include:

Another Source of Income

You will essentially be monetizing your hobbies and skills. It’s not just using them and expressing them for fun, you will start earning from them. They will become another source of income for you. It’s coaching because you’re teaching someone else to preserve the skills and knowledge you have, and coaching will get you the money you deserve. Hence, whether it’s archery, chess, or anything else, Odazzit helps you find the person you can teach your skills too.

Building a Professional Network

A professional network is a necessity in modern times. People need to build a professional network in order to succeed and thrive off what they do. What better way to build a professional network than meeting other people through your hobbies?

Odazzit allows you to find people who share your passion and coach them or learn from them. Over time, you can get to know them on a personal level and expand your professional network. Not only will Odazzit help you outside of your professional life, but it can also help you with it.

Practice What You Like

With Odazzit, you will be able to practice what you like without having to worry about it taking too much time away from your day. In a world where time is money, spending time on hobbies that you enjoy while making money from them is something anyone would love to do. Odazzit helps you move past the idea that you can’t do what you like. Instead, we help you find the means to even make what you like beneficial and profitable.

If you want to make your life more fun and earn money at the same time, head down to Odazzit and join the platform that exists to help people practice their hobbies and enjoy them. Connect, learn, and monetize while sharing your passion.

Offline Networking Events

As an Odazzit member, you are able to attend many exciting offline networking events such as our latest event at Sleeping Giants! Follow our Instagram page to find out more.

Ultimately, Odazzit is to bring people together through coaching and networking. Transferring skills and making a friend. We would love for you to be a part of Odazzit. Let’s come together and make networking fun for everyone!

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