How are the Coaches verified? 
Odazzit's Coaches undergo a series of stringent background checks and interviews before they are qualified. This includes verifying the identity of our Coaches, as well as the level of competency of their skills. Odazzit aspires to provide top-notch quality Coaches in order to provide our Users with the best learning experience possible. All standard lessons provided by the Coaches have been vetted and deemed suitable for teaching. 

How do I know if the coaches are able to help me?
Prior to engaging the lesson, you will be able to chat with the coaches to customize you learning journey.    

How are the lessons conducted?
The lessons will be conducted either via our integrated live online video chat or in-person.  You may request to have the session conducted via online in cases where proximity or travelling is an issue.   

Consultations Based
Get on-demand help to learning hacks and immediate answers through our intergrated on-demand interactive video sessions with the coaches.

Structured Lesson
Request for structured learning session as you customize your needs with our coaches based on your learning journey

Get Access to VIP Coaches/Mentors. They are invited Celebrities, C-suites Professionals  and Influencers.
To access VIP Coach, a subscription is required.

How many students can join the sessions? 
All online and offline sessions are 1-1.  For group sessions, you may email to connect@odazzit.com 

How do I book and confirm a lesson? 
Once you have submitted your queries through the date/time request within the chat interface, your coach will be able to accept or reschedule a booking via the chat function for booking confirmation.   

How do I make payment?
Payment request will be made available once the schedule is created for you by your coach.  You will be able to make payment via the platform using credit cards/debit cards, GooglePay, ApplePay  

What if lessons are not up to my expectations?
We are sorry to hear that. All of our Coaches and lessons are vetted and qualified before publishing. However, if you feel that the lesson is not up to your expectations, we would like to get your feedback before launching any investigation. Please contact us at connect@odazzit.com. Coaches who deviate from the approved lesson plans will be blacklisted and suspended from our platform 

Cancellation of classes
Cancellations of classes have to be made more than 7 days from scheduled lesson. There will be no reimbursement of class fees if classes are cancelled within a week of the scheduled lesson. Once a lesson is booked, it will not be available to other Users. Classes which are cancelled within a week would be an opportunity cost to our Coaches. Just as we respect the time of our Users, we hope that our Coaches time will be respected too. We seek your kind understanding in order to provide a harmonious learning environment for everyone.

What if the coach cancels the lessons?  
All the payments will be refunded as credits to your wallet as it is the responsibility for the coaches to honour the class.  The Coach may offer to modify the class with your agreement to postpone the class to an alternative date and time. You may use the refunded credits to book sessions for from other coaches.  

I've successfully booked a class. What's next? 
An email confirmation will be sent to you. Be on time for live video learning or physical session with the coach. You may proceed to start the integrated virtual session on the platform if its a virtual class.   We urge all our Users and Coaches to conduct themselves professionally and decently. Please do not disclose personal contact information (e.g. email, phone number) over the platform for safety reasons. 


Safety is Odazzit's utmost priority when it comes to our Users and Coaches. In the event of an offline learning session, if something feels amiss, users are advised NOT to proceed with the lesson. In the event there’s feeling of immediate treat, please call the law enforcement hotline immediately when you feel there’s a risk of personal danger.  This would ensure help will arrive promptly to ensure your safety.  Once your safety is determined, please inform Odazzit immediately at connect@odazzit.com. We will not be able to provide help and be liable for any issues should you choose to continue with the lesson in the presence of immediate treat.

Important points to take note of during physical meetup learning:

● Upon arrival at the location, make sure that the place is safe and public, if possible. Ensure that the person you are meeting is the designated Coach (same profile picture) and that the lesson provided corresponds to what was described in the coach profile

● You should not accept any last-minute changes in time or location by the Coach. We can only provide efficient help if we know where and when classes are happening.

● If you have any doubts about the sincerity of the Coach, or fear about your safety, leave the place immediately. Contact the local law enforcement hotline if there's concern about your safety or real threat. Once you are safe, please email us at connect@odazzit.com to inform us of the situation.

● If the Coach requests for you to cancel and pay for the lesson in cash, refuse immediately. All transactions have to be made through our platform. If you choose to make transactions in private, you will not be covered or protected by our Terms Of Service should any dispute arise. 


Refunds will only be made under the following conditions
● Cancellations made more than 24 hours from scheduled class.
● Unsatisfied classes due to foul play (after verified investigation by Odazzit Team).