March 1, 2021
We Actually Make Networking Fun – Find Out How

Picture this: You – mentored by industry professionals while earning a side income by sharing your niche area of expertise in your free time. Even as a student, we believe in your power to make a difference.

Picture this: You – mentored by industry professionals while earning a side income by sharing your niche area of expertise in your free time. Even as a student, we believe in your power to make a difference.

Be it the piano, cooking or even golfing – we’ll match your skill with a demand and allow you a mentoring opportunity of your choice* in return!

Here at Oddazit, we believe in the power of bringing together the world’s best people together to revolutionize a peer-to-peer learning experience.

You can brand yourself with absolutely anything – together as a community, we’re the launchpad for bigger, better ideas.


Former students ourselves, our team understands your struggles of gaining concrete industry experience while schooling full time. This proven model of networking serves as a fun, beneficial and powerful tool for guaranteed results through an intimate learning experience.

“This is hands-down THE one-stop website for talent matching. I found a personal gym instructor here and we started off on such a good note because of how Odazzit promotes such an empowering and cultivating environment. My Tennis Instructor (Ted) and I built such a connection that we continued to value-add to each other and eventually became friends. It definitely goes beyond.”

– Ren

Revolutionizing Networking

The How

Join us as a coach and you’d be able to tap into our world of opportunities, easily available to you. Your passions can now be monetized globally with a self-determinatory rate, or in exchange for expertise that you’d desire: all in your own terms. Take the first step with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

All of this – absolutely free.


Our talent-sharing platform is now the most revolutionary and improved way of earning a side income. Crafted especially for students just like you, we bring you an experience that positions you for learning in key areas such as:

  • Mentoring by industry professionals
  • Honing coaching abilities
  • Promotion of personal branding
  • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Leveraging our platform to monetize your skill


Our dream is to help you make it big. Aggressively attempting to discover hidden talents within our community, we can provide you with the chance to monetize your passion within your free time while profiting from potential mentorships. We believe that anyone with the right exposures can become a mentor, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Now, investment comes in many forms and currencies. If you feel a tug or urging, it’s time.

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