How do I create a Coach profile?
Becoming a Coach is easy in 2 simple steps!

Step 1:  Sign Up  and click on become a Coach.

Step 2: Upon submission of your application, Odazzit will contact you to schedule an interview (offline/online). Odazzit reserves the right to reject, suspend or ban any profile providing false information.  

A complimentary photo/video edit may be provided to assist you in setting up your talent profile. Kindly ensure that all media is authentic and orginal creations by you.  All videos will be verified by ODAZZIT before the profile is approved. 

Why is my work & background information required?
Odazzit encourages our Coaches to pursue their professional careers while maintaining an interest in their hobbies.  Your work information is required as part of our due diligence process in ensuring that our Coaches' credentials are genuine. We encourage you to get clearance from your company's HR that your mentoring on odazzit will not affect your productivity at your workplace.   

How to create classes? 
Upon approval as a Coach on Odazzit, you can start publishing your profile for Users to book a lesson with you. We have a consultation function where users can consult you for a given topic and consultation sessions are blocks of 10 mins while full Lessons are scheduled in blocks of one hour. Coaches are required to provide a writeup on the materials that will be taught in lesson as well as the title of the lesson. 

How much do I charge?
The amount to charge is entirely up to your own discretion. However, we would advise you to price it reasonably if you are a new coach in order to grow your pool of Users. A good guideline would be to place yourself in a User's perspective of learning from someone new.

Cashouts for credits are on a monthly basis. If your current earnings are higher than SGD$50, you may request for cashout in your profile. If cashouts are requested before the 7th of the month, cashouts will be given at the end of the month. If requested after the 7th of the month, it will be given at the end of the next month. 


What happens if I have to cancel a class? 

If, for any reason, you cannot make it on the published date/time, you are allowed to cancel a class without incurring any penalties, up to 3 days before the scheduled lesson. Cancellation of classes thereafter may be subjected to penalties and possible suspension of accounts. Full refund to users will be provided if the class is cancelled by the Coach. Please ensure availability upon publishing classes. Example: Class is scheduled on the 20th June. Cancellations without penalties - up till 16th June. Cancellations with penalties - on the 18th/19th/20th June.  


Online: Ensure you DO NOT disclose your home location or sharing personal information to your users during the video chat session.  

: Physical location of the lesson will be revealed to the Useronly after he/she books the lesson. During the course of the lesson, should youfeel uncomfortable at any point of time, leave the venue and contact us immediately.

Important points to take note of:  

Try to conduct lessons in a public venue or a location that will not compromise your personal safety.  If you have any doubts about the sincerity of the User, or fear about your safety, leave theplace immediately and contact the local law enforcement hotline or police  if needed. Once you are safe, please email us at connect@odazzit.com to inform us of the situation for further investigation.


What are the different kinds of subscription plans available? 

Free tier      
Free access to integrated Video chat,
Standard publishing with 1 profile video,
Unlimited number of coaching sessions,
Session reminders,
On-demand booking session from users 

Premium Coach    
All standard features with added unlimited video publishing,
Offer multiple skillsets,
Access to reviews from learners,
Usage of My Studio video upload,
Qualify for incentives for being top coaches,
Invitation to ODAZZIT EVENTS both online & offline,
Complimentary coaching workshops organised by ODAZZIT
How does Odazzit charge? 
Hosting your profile on Odazzit as a coach is complimentary. For every lesson booked, a 30% administrative & facilitation fee will be charged on your total earnings.  If you sign up as a premium coach, the administrative fee will be reduced to 20%. 

Odazzit reserves the right to amend the charge policy when necessary. In the event there’s a change is pricing policy, all users will be notified via the respective registered email. All users are encouraged to update their email on the platform whenever there is a change in the primary email address.