ODAZZIT™ redefines the Intelligence Quotient with our very own I•Q learning system. ODAZZIT™ I•Q is based on proven traditional methods; instruction-based learning and question-based learning, governed by the 'Depth of Thinking' scale.

As an individual moves from 'absolute beginner' to 'expert' to 'master', the mode of learning transitions from purely instruction-based to a good mix of both; the proportions defined by our proprietary 'Depth of Thinking' scale.

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of ODAZZIT™ I•Q in learning; the ODAZZIT™ learning platform is designed and built to reflect this.

What does I•Q stand for?

I — Instruction-based Learning
Learning a skill or ability through structured lessons, often to drive home fundamentals and basic concepts. Ideal for absolute beginners to intermediate.

Q — Question-based Learning
Learning through asking questions and solving problems, often in the context of specific case-studies. Encouraged for intermediate to experts.

• — D.O.T. or Depth of Thinking
An ODAZZIT™ proprietary scale that governs the proportional mix of both I & Q.

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